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Hell Fire :: Only for the Daring & Reckless
Level 5 Spicy
Cajun Kickers :: Mardi Gras in your Mouth
Level 4 Spicy
Bufffalo Hot Wings :: The Original Spicy
Level 3 Spicy
Spicy Teriyaki :: A Spicy Oriental Favorite
Level 2 Spicy
Hot Garlic :: Flavorful & Warm
Level 2 Spicy
Hot BBQ :: Delectably Spicy
Level 2 Spicy
Asian Zing :: Sweet & Spicy
Level 3 Spicy
Western BBQ :: For Your Wild West Appetite
Lemon Pepper :: Savory & Zesty
Garlic Parmesan :: Delightful & Stimulating
Polynesian :: Sweet & Tangy
Teriyaki :: Distinctively Oriental
Mild :: For Your Tastebuds to Savor
Level 1 Spicy
Oyster Wings

Additional Sauces :: Small $0.49  /  Large $1.89

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Homemade Buttermilk Ranch or Bleu Cheese

Small $0.49  /  Medium $1.79 / Large $3.99

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